What are the guidelines for writing your review?

Users must certify that their reviews are based on personal experience and reflects their genuine opinion at all times, and that they have no personal, business relationship or affiliated in any way with the business they are reviewing.

Include enough of a description to be helpful for others.

Please exclude profanity, threats or personal insults

Don’t include personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers


What are the guidelines for uploading photos & videos?

Photos or videos should apply directly to your review

Image format should be jpeg, gif or png

If you have privacy concerns, consider blurring or blacking out the face of individuals in the photo

Please do not violate anyone's copyright. Post only your own photographs or videos and not photographs and videos from other sites, users, or individuals.

If you believe your copyright has been violated, please see our DMCA page to submit a complaint.


How do you handle reviews?

This software uses many factors and variables to determine which reviews are from legitimate consumers, and which are fake and/or have been generated at the direction of the company being reviewed.


I sent you a review. How come it hasn't shown up?

All reviews are moderated before publishing, meaning that they're not published immediately upon submission, and are filtered for "spam" or fake reviews. But certainly we do not edit any consumer review.


What are your review guidelines?

Our Moderation Team evaluates every review to ensure they fulfill our guidelines before publishing. Not all reviews are published. The best and most helpful reviews and complaints that are factually correct, include details from your firsthand experience, and have photos or videos are most published.


How we calculate star ratings?

A company’s “star rating” is calculated using all ratings submitted by actual consumers. We give more weight to recent ratings, and we do not include ratings from reviews that are “spam” or fake.


Why Zowasel Reviews?

We publish both reviews and complaints. Also, we are happy to consider responses submitted by the companies.


So what should I do if I review a company and they then respond and rectify the problem?

If you haven't already, create an account, then go to 'Your Reviews'. Click the title of your review, and click 'Would you like to mark this review as resolved?' to adjust your star rating and post a new public response.


What is a Verified Reviewer?

A Verified Reviewer has created an account on Zowasel and confirmed his/her email address through our verification process, has logged in through a social media site like Facebook or Twitter that has confirmed the reviewer's identity, or has been identified by a company that has provided Zowasel with valid contact information for the reviewer.


You say you keep reviews indefinitely in a database. What do you mean?

We categorize reviews -- by vendor, industry, product, geography, etc. -- so we can spot patterns and trends. We think that as time goes by, this will be a great research tool. It's pretty good right now; we regularly spot new problems with various consumer products.


Who else can read my reviews?

Your reviews are publicly available on our site to users, and we may also share your reviews with others, including lawyers with whom we occasionally share complaints. We may also forward reviews and complaints to companies who have signed up for Zowasel Reviews. We may also re-format and re-distribute your reviews on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Why do you send my reviews to the companies I write about?

We forward complaints and reviews to companies who have signed up for Reviews only. To receive such information, companies must agree that they will use the information only in an attempt to resolve the complaint and/or improve their practices, not for marketing purposes. They must also agree not to use the information to sue a consumer.


Do you have the right to share my review on social media sites?

Yes. When you post a review, you are granting Zowasel the right to use and reformat your submission for posting “in any and all media,” including Facebook, Twitter, and others. For more details, see our Terms of Use.


You keep reviewers' names, isn’t this an invasion of privacy?

Of course! We keep your entire review. We may need to contact reviewers later for a follow-up.

No. You have voluntarily provided us with that information, and we keep it so we can verify the authenticity of your review, among other reasons. See our privacy policy for more information.


Why should I sign up for an account?

  • There are several reasons to sign up for an account.
  • We'll be able to contact you if we need to ask a follow-up question.
  • Companies pay more attention to reviews from users with verified contact information.
  •  A company can contact you privately to resolve your issues.
  • You don't have to fill in your contact information again for each new review.
  • When your situation changes, you can post a follow-up message to your published review.


How do I get an account?

Click the Log In button at the top of the page, and pick a login method.


Why do you recommend Social Login?

  • When you sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or another one of your social accounts, you get several benefits:
  • You don't have to remember another username and password.
  • Your account will be easier to setup, since we can get your name, email address, etc. from your profile.
  • You can have your picture appear with your review.
  • If you do decide to use a password instead, please use a strong password that you aren't using on any other site on the Internet.


What happens when I use Social Login?

When you select Facebook, Twitter or another of the social login providers, a pop-up window appears that takes you to that site and asks you to log in. In that pop-up, you are having a private conversation with that site (Facebook, Twitter etc.) - Zowasel does not see your password. The first time you use a social login on our site, the login provider will ask you if you trust Zowasel. If you say yes, then they will tell us that you successfully logged in, and give us contact information such as your name, email address, and a profile picture.

You can use Facebook (or another social login provider) to log into our site, but we can't access your account on Facebook.


How do I change my profile picture?

Go to your profile page (logging in first if needed). In the left toolbar, select 'Change Your Photo' You can pick from any of your social login profile pictures, or one of our anonymous pictures. Your image will change across the site in about an hour.


Mail & phone inquiries

I mailed you a written review and didn't get a reply. Why not?

I called to ask you a question and you didn't call me back. Why not?


I mailed you a written review and didn't get a reply. Why not?

We are a consumer news and information website, and generally are not set up to respond to consumer reviews or comments. We may, however, provide them to companies along with your contact information so that the company can address your concerns. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.


I called to ask you a question and you didn't call me back. Why not?

See above. While we may call you to collect information about a company whose product or service you have used, we generally are not set up to respond to individual questions.


I sent an email asking for advice. Why didn't you respond?

We are a consumer news and information website, and are not set up to respond to requests for advice. We publish general advice on our Web site and we have a resource guide that can help you find assistance elsewhere.